Judo Festival 2016 Porec

Family is like branches of the tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our root remains the same. There is no difference to it in our judo family which the 2016 Judo Festival ready to bring it all together as the 2016 Veteran European Championships will also be taking place in Porec, Croatia. 

The #VeteranEJC 2016 promises to be an absolutely special event as part of the Judo Festival. Veterans can compete for medals in both individuals and teams whilst at the same time having the possibility to spend their holiday time with their family and judo friends from Europe in fantastic surroundigs. To top up the already exciting event itself, for the first time, Veterans can enjoy a four days lasting traning camp with like-minded people as they will have the possibility to improve their skills on the tatami but also to meet up with old judo friends. This is a great chance to combine judo, friendships, beach, sun and pool. 


The multiply Swiss Champion has attended at her first Veteran international tournament five years ago and as she explaied, she was fascniated by the athmosphere of the Swiss team and the tournament itself. "The ambiance in the tournaments is great. The perfect mix between the sporting ambitions and the friendly relationship next to the mat. Judo connects! By age gradation, it is possible to compete with our peers. It is impressive that Judo also at an advanced age can still be operated as a competitive sport." Baumgartner is currently preparing for the upcoming European Championships and when asked about her thoughts of the Judo Festival, she responded: "The concept of the Judo Festival is very attractive. It combines the various judo generations. I'm very curious to see what its like in live. All in all, what could be nicer than Judo, family and leisure to combine in an attractive atmosphere."


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Fonay won bronze medal at the Veteran Europeans this year, where he had the opporutnity to compete front of home supporters. It will not be much of a difference for him next year as plans are already underway for his friends and family to join him in Porec next year. 

“When I took my son to judo day in and day out I began to think how it would be possible for me to get back to training. This was the same time when I acknowledged about the possibilities to compete at Veteran events and so after 22 years of gap in my judo career I decided to get back on the mat. By getting back to training I also wanted to educate my son that with determination, discipline and courage everything is possible.”

The Fonay family is one of the many brunches on the tree, and when asked about the family image of our unique sport, he replied, “Yes, it is definitely a fact as for instance even thought I have been away from the sport for a while, when I returned, it was charming to meet good old friends, train together with them and to reveal what has been going on with each of us in the past years.” The Hungarian Veteran medal hopeful prepares for the upcoming Europeans with his coach, Urbancsok Tamas and his team, Toto Sport. However, despite the preparation for the tournament, other arrangements are taking place. “We are also preparing for the Judo Festival as I am aiming to take my family and I know that my team will be coming to support as we are all planning to stay for the Festival too. We love doing judo and watching judo and we are all excited to have the opportunity to mix the tournament with the Judo Festival.” Fonay’s son will be attending at the kids training camp during the Judo Festival which of we will uncover more information in our next editorial.