Judo Festival 2017 - U8 Kids Camp

The trademark of the judo festival is the U8 Kids Camp, aka, family camp; where children under age of eight are training together with their parents whilst enjoying a wonderful holiday surroundings. Bright and early in the morning, families completed a running session with other judo related exercises. This session was led by Kids Camp project leader, Yuri Krischuk;

Project Leader Yuri KrischukProject Leader Yuri KrischukPhotographer: Sören Starke

“Positivity created in the morning and we can tell the children anything but without doing it with them it doesn't have the same effect. Parents exercising with children in the morning is very important, and training in the morning is very effective also as it allows to wake up the body and to warm up for the day.”

The troops continue their morning block with another training session, this time at the dojo, where they learned about basic movements of judo, delivered by EJU Expert, Sergio Oliveira;

“It is important for us to develop the quality for children by implementing balanced movements. We are not focusing on competition and such as. We are focusing on the basic elements. It is also important that parents can come on the mat with the children because it helps them also to feel and to understand what we do.”

  • EJU Expert, Sergio OliveiraPhotographer: Sören Starke
  • EJU Expert, Sergio OliveiraPhotographer: Sören Starke
  • Who will win this challenge?Photographer: Sören Starke

Besides their busy schedules of training, the Kids Camp also included difference excursion activities as well as fun games. Children attending at this camp had also opportunity to meet with some of the World’s greatest elite judoka. Father of two and participant of the U8 Kids Camp, George Shamov from Judo Club Kaskad Moscow shared his story on how he got involved in judo and his greatest believe within;

“I started judo by the influence of my friends who were thinking the same way as me and this was at the time when I was at university, so I didn’t participate judo when I was a child. Nevertheless, once I got into it more and more, I immediately realised certain values of this sport. For instance, judo is exceptional for upbringing, to have a character, spirit and also it keeps fit; and for my children practicing judo regularly is an opportunity for growing from small and weak to become big, strong and confident.”