Judo Festival 2017 Porec

A month to go until the 4th edition of the Judo Festival will return to sunny Porec. Amongst all agendas, one of it is the popular Kids Family Camp, which offers parents and children under 8 years to join. The core focus of this program is Family and Judo. 

Training sessions will be undertaken as a fun activity alongside other judo components. Parents will act as partners and as personal coaches. During scheduled activity hours, we also offer:

  • Maintaining ‘The diary of the participants in Judo and Family which will act as record displaying the thematic section on history, the principles, judo etiquette, performance of creative tasks, impressions, emotions and knowledge gained during the festival, showing growth and development every day.
  • Judo history, judo etiquette, code of the judoka
  • Drawing up applications of different groups of receptions by feet, sub collar, deduction, etc.
  • Code of the judoka: hieroglyphs and drawings of qualities (one for every day in the form of a flower on each petal).
  • Drawing up a pyramid of success.
  • Drawing up the general application of all participants by the principle poch-work from works of children and parents.
  • Drawings (exhibition), the games (including and desktop-judo fitness for mind) attached to judo occupations.


2016 Kids Family Camp project leader, Yuri Krischuk: 

“Parents start to have an understanding about judo. It is important that parents find time to do judo with theirs kids and the results of this pays off on a larger scale. For example, at the age of 14-15 when kids are most likely to quiet, those who were involved in this project will normally stay because their closest ones were there along their journey, so they will have the full understanding of it.

“This project definitely gives a better socializing skills to each and every member and especially for the kids.

“This project is really powerful. Parents also getting involved in judo in many different ways, for example, becoming coaches or local referees and so on. As from the technical point of you, it is also really useful because according to our experiences, 10 days in this camp equals 3 months of ordinary group trainings.”