The highlight of the festival is the Veterans European Judo Championship (23 - 26 June). It is also an opportunity for judo friends to meet and enjoy judo in a fantastic Mediterranean surrounding. 

After the championship, all veterans are invited to stay, relax and join the Veteran Training Camp (27-30 June). It is the perfect opportunity for judo friends to meet and enjoy relaxed judo practice in a comforting environment. *The participation for Training Camp is included in Accommodation Price Packages from official Judo Festival Price List.

The Festival is specially designed for families as well. The Judo Kids Camp is also part of the Judo Festival with a project named 'Judo & Family', where children U8s and parents can spend quality time together on the tatami enjoying the activities set by skilled coaches. For teens there will be the Youth Judo Training Camp which welcomes all under 15s. They can enjoy daily training sessions twice a day under the leadership of well-known experts. *The participation for both, Judo Kids Camp and Youth Judo Training Camp is included in the Accommodation Price Packages on the official Judo Festival Price List.

These amazing judo holidays will be rounded off by our European judo heroes. The OTC - "Going for Gold" is the Olympic training center, where the best judoka of the world will prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio. This is a unique possibility to get in touch with the judo heroes in a relaxed atmosphere.

All participants of the Judo Festival are welcome to join on daily basis at the Judo Fun&Animation Zone which offers daily educational activities on the tatami, directly, where young judokas will be able to receive lessons from famous judo champions. Also this will be a place to relax and simply enjoy a pleasant Judo-Holiday mood. You can meet other judokas and judo heroes in a relaxed atmosphere and share your passion with other participants of the festival.


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  • Accommodation Price Packages from official Price List are not accommodation only. They also include Judo Festival sports venues, participation in Camps, Judo Fun & Animation Zone, on-line and on-site support, transfers during the competition and etc > Participants that have not booked accommodation via Organizing Committee of Festival have to pay an Accreditation Fee of € 100 per person! 

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See you in Poreč!